Meizusale offer two different discount methods to our retail buyers.
1.We will offer activities during different festivals or other special time,during such time,we will release different kinds of coupon code.
2.If the buyer buy so many times from us, he will be upgaded to VIP,and get different kinds of discount based on the VIP Level.The VIP buyer also can use coupon code.

How to be a VIP customer:
1. Ordered at least 3 units(can mix ) total over 600usd at one time or amount over 3pcs total over 600usd, under one account , You can request get base VIP account from LV 1.
2.When you order amount arrived next LV send new request for upgrade it to high LV

About amount and discount:
Silver VIP LV1 one time make order Over 3 Unit(s) and total order Over 600usd: (can mix )     3% Discount
Gold VIP LV2 one time make order 15 Unit(s) and total order Over 3000usd: (can mix )    5% Discount
Platinum VIP LV3 one time make order 45 Unit(s) and total order Over 9000usd: (can mix )  7% Discount
Diamond LV 4 one time make order 150 Unit(s) and total order Over 30000usd: (can mix )    10% Discount
Attention: Once you arrived one LV, you will not be degraded.      

About Wholesale discount:
We welcome reseller order from us, Please send your inquiry and the number sent by or contact our online customer service