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Meizu HD50 Headset

Taking Over Metal Trend
Quality & Beauty Collision

As Meizu first headset, HD50 taking over the metal fashion, the understood of metal
is from the mobile phone into the headset. We used metal material as the main body,
collocated with artificial protein material as silky skin. Hard and flexible combination,
black and white for your different preferences, free to choose.

Metal Folding Black Technology
Multi-angle Rotating Shaft Integration

Inherited the concept of high-end process design, HD50 in detail, based on the different
ears' structure of people to seek appropriate industrial design. Unique cross shaft
design achieves triple multi-angle of 135 * 95 * 15 degrees freedom folding,
Find a memorable angle, comfort your ears.

High Precision Manufacturing Technology
Metal Powder Metallurgy

In order to make the headset robust and wear-resistant, we used the high-end powder
metallurgy process. The powdered metal is continuously sintered and pressed at
high temperature, and then the pure powder metallurgy head beam and the rotating
shaft which have higher mechanical and physical properties are finally obtained after
machining and heat treatment. In the earmuff we used CNC laser carving technology
and characters, so that the entire headset looks glowing metal color and thick texture.

Biological Fiber Membrane
Convey Every Hint Of Emotion

Real good headphones not only restores music to the truth,
but also let a person feel the lucidity of the music details and
transfer more subtle emotions. The unique free-edge diaphragm
design of HD50, uses Japanese biological superfine fiber
diaphragm. It's light and kind of certain rigidity and also it
has better resolution than the general paper or metal vibration
membrane to completely restore the real sound.

0.5% Distortion Rate
Restore Familiar Sound

HD50 distortion rate is less than 0.5%, which is favorable to compare with many higher level headsets.

thd-chart thd-chart

*The above data are laboratory test values, the actual use may be slightly different according to the specific situation.

Dual Sound Chamber Special Design
Meticulous Quality Music Presentation

We used special patented dual tone cavity + dual conducting bass tube mechanical
divider design on HD50, the shabd go through it and sound forceful dilatation, dived
deeper. Meanwhile, the front cavity adopts the principle of flow compensation, shabd
go through the rear cavity feedback to front one, channels broadened, sound becomes
more stretched and warmer; and the structure of rear cavity- phase tube + dual cavity,
effectively increase the volume of the cavity, bassy and thick, shocks people's heart.

Professional Team Joined
For Better Sounds

In order to make a more professional headset, our teams came to Japan, invited Eric-
the original Japanese Fengda headset development minister, leading his team of
professionals and joined us. This team has been used to work with B&O, Sennheiser,
Denon, Beats and a variety of high-end brand earphone acoustic teams, and now
independently designs Meizu first headset, especially in terms of tuning, they took
years of acoustic experience and industry accumulation, repeatedly debugging, only for
restoring sweet treble, accurate mediant, heavy bass on HD50.

  • High Purity Oxygen Free Copper Wire Core
  • Kevlar Fiber
  • Enamel Covered Copper Wire
  • Environmental Protection TPE

99.99% High Purity Oxygen-free Copper Wire Core

Audio and microphone wire separated, free solder joints through, interference reduced,
in order to bring more pure fidelity sounds. Bulletproof Kevlar wire type, parachute
level bending, environmental protection TPE material skin, flexible and better feeling.

*The above data are laboratory test values, the actual use may be slightly different according to the specific situation.

*The headset is only suitable for Meizu mobile phones and other mainstream Android devices.

Adorn Comfortable

In order to get more comfortable wear feeling, we adopted the artificial leather of
proteins as earcap, making the HD50 permeability and skin friendly feeling overall.
Japanese imports of inert memory sponge filling earmuffs, soft and delicate, which can
better percept and memorize your wearing habits for long time usage.

two headphone

Good Headset, Lifetime Usage

Consistently demanding detection to ensure the quality of
each Meizu product as in the past.

  • Times100000 Keystroke
  • Times6000 Wire Rolling
  • Times5000 Headband Expansion
  • Times5000 Movable Arm
  • Times5000 Earmuff
  • Times12 1.5m Fall

Waterproof Stoage Bag

High quality waterproof headset package, containing a 6.5mm power adapter and air adapter for you.
Whether at home or go out, there can be a convenient and enjoyable music experience.


  • Brand MEIZU/魅族
  • Product Headset
  • Model HD50
  • Impedance 32Ω
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20000Hz
  • Sensitivity 103±3dB (1mW at 1kHz)
  • Audio Output Communication/ Audio Device
  • Headset Category Mobile Control Headset/ Hi-Fi Headset
  • Size 185H*175W mm
  • Weight 228g
  • Color Silvery Black/ Silvery White/ Red
  • Type Line Control
  • Wear Type Head-mounted
  • Plug Diameter 3.5mm
  • Line Length 1.2M
  • Microphone Yes. Sensitivity: -42±3dB
  • Plug Type In-line
*The above data are laboratory test values, the actual use may be slightly different according to the specific situation.
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